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Dear Parents:

As a mother of a young son and daughter, I am sure that you are just as concerned about your child’s development as I am. I started reading quality children’s books to my kids at a very young age, encouraging them to help tell the stories as we looked at the pictures. Although they do not watch TV yet, I sometimes also show them special DVDs or online content. When I searched for toddler-appropriate media, it was hard to find images that didn’t look cheesy, flat, or cluttered. On the other hand, the marketing for other Baby products raises expectations about learning that may be impossible to fulfill. In watching my own children grow, it became obvious to me that babies and toddlers learn in their own time. I believe that they are mainly interested in being loved and having fun. And this is exactly how they learn -- in a fun, playful, and loving way.

Like most parents, I constantly look for new ways to creatively engage the imagination of my children. I eventually combined this personal interest with my professional work in animation at Viva Design, the company that I founded in 1998. Since I enjoy producing experimental animations and short films, I decided to create my own inventive, meaningful, and beautiful DVD series for children – Love to Read.

Apart from feeling good about the safety and quality of the content, I want Love to Read to be fun for the entire family. Parents shouldn’t be bored when watching media with their little ones!!! This DVD and its related online content are designed to inspire creative interaction, instill a love of reading, and provide a good educational start for every child. I believe that reading is one of the most important life skills, opening doors to the world of the imagination, science, and language. Educated readers can make this world a better place! The playful learning experience that the Love to Read DVD provides also exposes children to exciting design, art, music, and filmmaking.

Cosima and Nikolas really have benefited from the Love to Read DVD. I’m sure that your children will too! Here’s a preview for you to enjoy or buy the DVD/Downloads now.

I would love to hear any comments or suggestions that you might have. Please contact me via email.

Ulrike Kerber
creative director and founder of Viva Design Inc. and Love to read.

Ulrike and the kids

My kids: Cosima and  Nikolas

Making our characters is a very happy process…

We call these guys the three Germans